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Mistake Proof Cosmetics for The Everyday Look – Part 2

Beauty Brush

When I was very young I was awed by watching my mother do her everyday beauty routine. She’d set a towel on her lap, light a glass candle then begin her beauty ritual. In a way, watching her everyday beauty ritual inspired me to pursue beauty professionally, so practical advice for everyday girls is something that is very close to my heart.


As you all well know, the everyday look is not so simple for many of us, so I needed to divide the everyday looks blog into two parts to cover all the different aspects of makeup. If you haven’t read “Part 1“, you can see it here.


Through my experience in the beauty industry, I’ve learned that what works for the runway, doesn’t necessarily work in the real life, specially when you are trying to do your makeup in the morning. But by choosing mistake proof cosmetics, makeup and techniques you can improve the results of the everyday beauty routine while lowering the stress involved in what it should be an enjoyable experience. This is beauty, it is supposed to make us feel good, beautiful and be fun!


orgasm nars blush1) Choosing a Blush that Makes You Glow!


In the morning, the last thing most of us want to deal with is creating accurate contours on our face using blush. Besides, the dark bricky and woody blushes required to create crazy contours that will not look so good in the full light of day, or in the unkind unnatural lighting of stores and office buildings.

To adapt to these daytime conditions, we need to choose a blush that makes us look good in the sun or indoor’s lighting. I recommend getting a fruity or flowery hue then applying it not too heavily. These lighter and radiant toned blushes create a rejuvenated, healthy, sun-kissed skin look that will look great for the everyday looks. Try my first pick for mistake proof blush, Orgasm by NARS. It is Beautiful! And for darker skin girls try Super Orgasm by NARS.



Rosebud Salve Lip Balm2) Low Effort and Fabulous, Healthy Lips!

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is to be worrying about is applying lip liner accurately before I’ve had my first cup of coffee. Not to mention, checking the teeth for any lip makeup smears is not something most of us are worried about when going about our everyday routines. To avoid the stress and smudginess of ill-applied lip makeup, I recommend keeping it as simple, approachable and practical as possible.

The Rosebud Salve available at Sephora is a product that has been along for a long time, because it is just amazing! Many famous celebrities and professional makeup artists like myself just love the subtle sheen and textured that the Rosebud Salve offers. It is extremely easy to apply, and you really would have to try hard to mess up putting on this simple salve. You can easily turn any lip color into a beautiful fresh lip-stain that will look amazing at any time! Give it a try!



Make up for ever HD Press Powder3) Do you even need powder?


Some of you lucky, lovely ladies just do not need powder. If you think you may not need powder, just do not wear it! It covers up your beautiful, natural skin that so many of us would just looove to have. If you got it, flaunt it! Don’t hide you natural beauty under a layer of powder.

For many of us though, we need powder to even out the appearance of our skin. For those of us who do need power, let’s make sure that choose one that doesn’t have an icky, shiny, heavy effect. Instead try to select not just a powder but the perfect powder for our face. Before you start trying different powder try HD Microfinsh Pressed Power by Make Up For Ever. This silky, colorless, and ultra fine powder is practically weightless. It leaves the skin glowing and radiant with a finish that looks absolutely natural. I highly recommend!


Oil Blotting Paper

If your skin is very oily, I highly recommend the use of “Oil blotting paper” before any powder application.

DO NOT apply powder on top of an oily face!

This will only create a big mess by developing a fertile ground for skin irritations. Not to mention an awful cakey skin-makeup look.

This magical tissue paper will absorb any excess of oil from your skin leaving ready for a following powder application.







I really hope that these simple tips and mistake proof cosmetics tips will help you enjoy an everyday beauty routine. By going with what is simple for our everyday looks, we reveal our true ‘inner beauty’. As spring comes for all of us to enjoy in the Western part of the world, we should try to embrace the happiness and optimism of the season with our beauty routine by enhancing the results and lowering the stress involved in this process. To celebrate spring with our blog, stay tuned for some “Cherry Blossom” inspired beauty blogs coming up!!!


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