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Mistake Proof Cosmetics for The Everyday Look – Part 1

Mistake-proof Makeup

As a professional makeup artist I’ve worked with runway models, brides and all sorts of fashionistas, but I’ve found the hardest makeup application is for the everyday girl. The everyday girl rushes the moment she hops out of bed. She does not have the time or assistance of a makeup artist to help put on her makeup before she needs to run out the door.

No worries, I am here to help you! Using these basic mistake-proof cosmetics you can easily create an everyday look that doesn’t take up too much time in the morning. They are also easily applied, so you can get your morning beauty routine done with and move on with the rest of your day, looking your best!



Moisturize! Image from EileenMai.com1) Start with a Good Moisturizer

Choosing the best moisturizer does not necessarily mean going with the most expensive moisturizer- instead you should be more focused on what works for your skin type. The first thing you need to do when picking out a  moisturizer is figure out your skin type actually is, so you can select a moisturizer that will treat your particular type of skin. Using the wrong type of moisturizer can lead to your skin looking too oily or dry, and either result will make your skin and makeup look bad.

The best way to pick out a good moisturizer is to choose a couple of different types of moisturizers at first. Experimenting with these to see the effect they have on your skin throughout the day. Stick with the moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling and looking the best by the end of the day.  Sephora understands completely this kind of customer’s needs and will provide you with a few free-samples of different moisturizes for you to try on before you purchase.

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Bobby Brown Concealer2) Get a Concealer that Blends Well with Your Skin Tone

It cannot be over-emphasized that you need to find a concealer that matches your skin tone. If you choose one that is to light or dark it will make you look sickly and wrinkly instead of like the Diva your really are inside. For some people, this may mean having two different shades of concealer for different seasons, so you may need to get a light and darker concealer for different times of year.



Studio Fix MAC Concealer, image from, it is important to figure out if the concealer can be easily layered and well blended into the skin, so it doesn’t look like you have makeup caked on your face. I highly recommend Bobby Brown and Studio Fix from MAC these are easy to apply and blend with your natural skin. This way in the morning you can apply your concealer quickly and without worrying too much about spending valuable time blending this into your skin. Remember, you will need to apply this concealer ONLY where you need it. Dark circles, little redness around your nose, that new nasty little pimple.


3) Choosing an Eye Shadow that goes with Your Personal Style

Lately in beauty magazines there has been so much emphasis on the elaborate effects you can get with brightly colored eye shadows. These elaborate applications of eye shadow can be great for going out for a Friday night, but it isn’t exactly something you want to bother with on a Monday morning. That is why for your everyday look I recommend going with a subtle color that brings out the best inner you.

Well, you may think that the silvery glittery eye shadow just screams out your name, but usually you want to go with something a little more subtle and versatile that cannot be spotted 50 feet away. Try to choose low saturated color like taupe, light browns, medium browns and mauve to get the best effect. That way when you are getting ready in the morning you don’t have to worry about which eye shadow matches your outfit today, but you stick with your signature eye shadow that will make you look your best any time, any place.

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Lashblast Volume CoverGirl Mascara.4) Mascara to Enhance Your Eyes

I’ve never met a female who hasn’t experienced really messing up their mascara with clumps and smudges. There is nothing worse than spending valuable morning time trying to tame smear and clumped mascara. I really, really dislike clumpy eye lashes, so that is why I use LashBlastVolume from Cover Girl. This is low-budget mascara with a high-quality mascara brush that works wonderfully.

Another important part of mascara is to choose mascara that compliments your hair color. For blondes, I recommend going with a nice shade of dark brown. When blondes wear black mascara, it tends to over-emphasize their eyelashes, and you can really tell that they are wearing mascara. For brunettes and black hair, I recommend black mascara. Anything lighter than black mascara just isn’t going to highlight the natural beauty of their eyes.



By having a set makeup routine you can go through with ease in the morning, you’ll set a good tone for the rest of your day. No one wants to go out the door when they spent their morning wrestling with smudgy mascara, runny eyeliner or cakey foundation!  One of the most important parts of any makeup routine is to remember that it is to make you look and feel beautiful and happy, so try to find products that help make your makeup routine, especially for early mornings, something that is easy, mistake-proof, and fun to do.

Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for part II of “Mistake-Proof Cosmetics for The Everyday Look”.

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