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Working with ‘Supernanny’ Jo Frost!

Jo Frost Hair and Makeup Artist

Hello Everyone!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to work with the famous ‘Supernanny’ Jo Frost! I had a great time working on her hair and makeup before she appeared on television and at book signing at Barnes and Nobel in Bethesda, MD. Even though I’ve worked with many celebrities over the years, I still get very excited about the prospect of working with these very special clients! Jo Frost was such a great client to work for, and I wish her the best of luck!


Me and Jo Frost had such great chemistry, and I hope to work with her again! She is promoting her 7th book Jo Frost’s Toddler Rules. A book focused on tantrums, sleeping issues, eating habits, early childhood development and all those other things that come with having a toddler! Her kind and strong personality definitely comes out in person, just like it does when she is on television helping families all over the world come closer together.


I was so happy that Frost loved the job I did on her hair and makeup! She commented to me how it can be difficult to get her hair styling done right by makeup artists. Well of course it is! I let her know that there is a huge difference between hair stylists and makeup artists. They are completely different professions after all. That is why I offer separate makeup artist and Hair Stylist Training in Washington DC, because they are two completely different fields. It is rare to find a professional who is proficient and licensed in both hair and makeup.


Over the years,tasseled waves been so fortunate to work with many models and celebrities thanks to my career in hair and makeup. It amazes me no matter how famous the individual, how much they are just like you and me. For example, Jo Frost was so normal and nice, and I was just glad to make friends with yet another client. If I hadn’t known she was a celebrity, I would have never guessed!


When I met Frost in Bethesda to do her makeup and hair, I made sure to treat her just like any other client. I was on time to our appointment. I allowed her to focus and meditate on her performance by not talking her ear off while I did her hair and makeup. I answered any questions or requests she had. I made sure to act at ease and friendly with her, so she didn’t think I was nervous about being around a celebrity! Although to be honest I do still get a little bit jittery and excited when working with a new celebrity, because it is just so fun to work with someone famous. Don’t tell anyone my secret though!


Perhaps you would also one day like to work with models and celebrities. If you have the drive, ambition and motivation perhaps you should consider makeup artist training Hair Stylist Training in Washington DC with me! I can give you all the necessary hair stylist and makeup artists training you need to make it as a professional makeup artist or hair stylist. With enough determination you could be on your way to a new career in beauty in no time.


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