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Pro Summertime Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips


Many brides are scared away from summertime weddings due to the hot and humid weather. As a professional wedding hair and makeup artists, I’m here to tell you that we don’t need to fear the elements when it comes to bridal beauty. While we cannot make the heat and humidity go away, we can use it to our advantage when it comes to a perfect bridal look.

The following tips will help you brainstorm exactly what wedding hair and makeup styles you may want for a summertime wedding. Whether you are having a destination wedding or a summer wedding at home, these tips will help control the quality of your wedding hair and makeup during the long, hot summer days.


1. Embrace the Frizzy Style

Bridal-Summer-HairI know with this one you may think I’m going crazy, but just give me a second to explain. No one likes overly frizzy hairstyles, but there is a way to control frizziness. First off, you need to choose a wedding hairstyle that looks good with a little bit of frizz. Anything too formal will not look good with a little frizz, but looser bridal hairstyles look great with frizz. Some bridal hairstyles I would even argue look better with frizz. By working with a bridal hairstylist like myself, you can figure out exactly what hairstyle will work with your taste and the heat and humidity!






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 2. Keep Your Hair Off the Face and Skin

When the weather is hot and humid, the last thing you want is a bunch of hair on your face and skin. Not only is this uncomfortable, but the sweat off your skin can cause your hair to get wet. Wet, sweaty hair is something we want to avoid in our wedding day if at all possible. Also, when you try to brush your hair away from your face, you can smear and smudge your bridal makeup if you are not careful. For these reasons I highly recommend selecting an bridal up-do or a braid, so that your hair is out the way.



3. Light Makeup

Bridal Summer MakeupFace powders, dark makeup and caked-on makeup are just not going to work in the hot and humid weather. That is good, because heavy bridal makeup isn’t what you want for an ideal wedding look anyways. What you do want is a more natural, cream-colored makeup. Lighter colors and cream will be your best friend for a summertime ceremony, because it won’t get all icky, runny or melty in the heat. This more natural bridal look will allow your natural beauty to shine through by highlighting your unique, gorgeous face.









4. Waterproof Makeup

Summer MakeupThe other aspect of makeup to really take advantage of is waterproof makeup. I really recommend the cosmetic line “AQUA” from Makeup For Ever. It is with out a doubt my first pick for waterproof makeup. The great thing about this cosmetic line is it guarantees that water, tears or sweat will not cause the makeup to smudge! Even on the hottest days of summer, you will still have an all natural look sans smudges, smears or any other unsightly marks.









5. Flower Braids

Bridal-BraidA really hot trend right now in summertime wedding hair is flowery braids. These loose and care-free braids offer a natural look with a fun twist. There are lots of different ways to configure a braid that will look formal enough for a wedding, but whimsical enough to withstand the heat and humidity. Hopefully, some of the sample pictures in my blog will give you an idea of some of the options available for this bridal hairstyle.

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6. Overall Care-Free Natural Look

Generally, the best bet for summertime weddings is to keep things simple, fun and natural to ensure that humidity, tears and the heat don’t mess up the style of the bride or anyone else in attendance of the wedding. The great thing about care-free looks is that even if it gets a bit messy, it will look like you paid a stylist to cause any frizziness, loose strands, etc. Also, when you have a care-free look you can worry less about what you look like and just let things naturally happen with out falling appart. This will give you the ability to spend more time enjoying your very special wedding day!


Don’t Forget is all About the Summertime Love!


Ultimately, beauty is only on the surface, and yes everyone looks at that. But part of really enjoying a bridal look is feeling really happy and confident about the wedding day. On the day of a wedding there are so many things to be happy about that in the end it won’t matter what season it was! What really will matter are the memories you make and the love you share for the rest of your life. Let me do your hair and makeup for weddings in DC, so that I can join in on the fun!


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