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My Professional Summer Proof Cosmetics’ Picks!

Summer Makeup Artist Tips

Oh my!

The first week of summer is here, and the steaming heat and humidity came with it!

It may feel nice after such a cold winter, but the heat does not play nice with many types of cosmetics.

As a professional Makeup Artist in Washington, DC and working in Miami and New York City, I’ve dealt with the worst of heat and humidity over the years with my clients and my own personal beauty routine!

When it comes to applying cosmetics, it is always important to use the right products for the season to get the best results, so I wanted to pass on some of my sage beauty advice to all you lovely readers out there!




1.       Just say NO to powders!

One of the best tips you’ll ever get for summertime beauty is just to stay away from powders whenever possible. Why? Simply due to the fact high humidity, ever-present during summer days and nights, will melt and dissolve powder-based makeup. If you are lucky, the makeup with just disappear from your face, but most of the time and with the help of natural facial sweat the makeup will smear all over faces creating a “hot scary summer makeup mess”!!!


2.       Use the best waterproof products

This may seem like a no-brainer from some of you beauty experts out there, but just remember, not all waterproof beauty products are created equal. My favorite line of waterproof makeup is the line AQUA for Make Up For Ever. Whether you want to resist sweat, tears or humidity, this line of makeup really lives up to its promise of being waterproof.

For the Eyes, an absolute must-have from this line is the Aqua Eye Liner Pencil for Make Up For Ever. This will stay on even if you cry through an entire summertime flick like The Fault in Our Stars– ask me how I know!

For mascara, I personally prefer the Waterproof Mascaras from CoverGirls LashBlast. It is inexpensive, doesn’t clump and comes with a wonderful separating wand. With cosmetics it is all about exploring products that work for you, but by sticking to the main principles I suggest to you in this blog, you’ll look great even on the most humid summertime days.



3.       Use cream-based products

Cream-based cosmetics are a blessing from the beauty goddesses for summertime looks! Most cream-based cosmetics are naturally water-proof, so they do not smudge and smear.

For blush, I highly recommend HD Cream Blush for Make Up For Ever, because it is just wonderfully weather resistant.

For eye makeup, try the Aqua Cream Eye Color from Make Up For Ever. This eye makeup is simply amazing, it will even stays on if you take a dip in the pool this summer, so be ready to spend a little extra time removing it before going to bed at night.

And for the lips, I totally love Rosebud Salve. This amazing Lip Balm will make your lips look so beautiful day and night. With out being sticky, greasy or too glossy.
Skin Care

4.        Care for your skin throughout the day

An important part of ensuring the long-term health and appearance of our skin over the years is not just worrying about the cosmetics of the skin, but worrying about the overall health of the skin too! With hot summer sun and humidity, summer can really do a number on our skin if we are not careful.

By using the following two products you can really help keep your skin happy. First off, you probably hear this a lot, but sunscreen is an absolute must if you are going to be out during the day.

For wearing under your makeup, I recommend MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 which provides protection from the sun and secures the appearance of your makeup.

Next, to help keep our skin glowing, not oily from the humidity, Oil Absorbing Sheets by Clean & Clear are going to be your best friend. These little bad soak up oil, not makeup, so you can keep the skin fresh and blemish free.



5.       Get the Sun-Kissed Glowing Look!

Some of my favorite products to get that amazing Sun-Kissed Glowing look are:

For beautiful glowing highlighting, Skin Illuminator in Copacabana by NARS and

For Toning and enhancing the skin complexion with shimmery incandescence, Skin Illuminator in Laguna by NARS.



6.       Seal the deal!

To finish-off any application of cosmetics during the summer, a setting spray really can make all the difference for avoid smudginess and messiness. Setting sprays helps cosmetics stay put during the summer, and they are great replacement for powders during the summer months. I personally recommend Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray for 4 oz. for most skin types; however, if you would like to find the perfect setting spray for your skin type, I highly recommend reading this article from Allure that briefly goes over different types of setting sprays.



So Long to Summer Smudges!

By following all of these tips it really will make all the difference for the appearance of your cosmetics and your skin’s health. Stay tuned to our blogs for more insider tips from your truly!

Audrey Bethards, Hair and Makeup, Inc.