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Hair and Makeup for Same Sex Weddings in Washington DC – Professional Advice.

Same Sex Weddings in DC

Hello Everyone!

As the law of the land finally begins to acknowledge the love of everyone in the land, I am absolutely elated to work with Same Sex Couples on their wedding day.

What a joyous occasion weddings are, and it is certainly everyone’s right to experience the enchantment of a wedding day and the joyous of celebration of love.


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My personal experience of serving as a professional hair stylist and makeup artist on many Same Sex Weddings has been a privilege and honor.

I wanted to share some wisdom with potential hair and makeup artists and anyone else who is curious about the specific needs of Same Sex Couples on their wedding day.

The following advice is some basic expectations couples have of their bridal/wedding hair and makeup artists.


  1. No Judgment

Personally, I believe a weddings and bridal events should be a unique and extremely amazing opportunity to celebrate Love and everything that this may represent. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. Like most people, Same Sex Couples want to be treated like everyone else who will be celebrating their love in nuptials in this very special day. For a hair stylist and makeup artist, this will mean to provide the absolute best of services. Working for wedding clients is indeed one of the most gratifying jobs to have. Because yes, it will require that the hair and makeup artist will deliver excellent quality service on someone’s most important day of their life. But the opportunity of making these brides look and feel like the most beautiful women in the world will be treasured and gratifying experiences in your career!


  1. Understanding

Unfortunately, like in any other weddings. Same Sex Weddings could have uniquely sensitive issues that can put a little bit of damper on the day. Specifically sometimes family members will not show or not be happy to be there, but like I mentioned before, this can happen in any other wedding. Knowing to perhaps expect some familial tension will help you know how to handle any situations that may pop up. As a hair and makeup artist it is not your job to fix these issues, but it is important to be understanding, supportive and sensitive.


  1. Expertise in the Area

Most of the Same Sex Couples prefer artists with experience in these types of Same Sex Weddings events. It is just comforting to know someone has specific experience and understanding. Obviously, if you are just starting to serve Same Sex Couples (or even weddings in general) you are not quite the expert yet. What you can do is offer to assist experienced artist on Same Sex Weddings to gain invaluable experience in the area. There is no better teacher than experience, so jump on any chance you get to help out as a hair and makeup artist’s assistant at a Same Sex Weddings .You may also want to consider Hair and Makeup Training to learn about these and other types of events and services.

  1. Individuality

This should be essential skills for you to have as someone who is or who wants to be in the professional beauty field, but let’s take this opportunity to just get it out in the open:

Every single bride wants to look their best on their wedding day! And every single bride has their own unique styles. The brides are going to want a look specifically tailored to their own personality, wants and needs. It would be catastrophic to have two brides to look the same and not like themselves. Make sure you have a clear communication and openness with the brides to be, and design a very personal bridal look that will be suited to each of their needs, likes and personalities.


  1. Bridal Trials / Groom Trials

Often brides- and sometimes even grooms will want to do their bridal trial at the same time, but of course they will not want to know how each other are going to look on their wedding day. As a hair and makeup artist, it will be your job to accommodate this desire to help save them time and money. It would be recommended to schedule their bridal hair and makeup trial on the same day of a Pre-Bridal photo shoot session. This will diminish the issue of knowing how each other are going to look on their wedding day.

P.S. It is wonderful to do these types of trials, so you get to see the excitement of each individual!


  1. To Feel Like They’re in Good Hands

For any bride, picking out a hair stylist and makeup artist for their wedding is often a nerve wracking experience. Just like in any wedding, it will not only be your job to deliver your services above expectations, but also do a little reassuring along the way to let the couple they are indeed in good hands. It will be a big plus for you and for the brides to be, if you make your Same Sex Couples know and feel they are in the best hands, and that you are indeed happy, grateful and honored to be a part of their Amazing Wedding Day!








Just like any wedding, it is our job as a bridal hair and makeup artists to make the client feel beautiful, confident and happy! Working in weddings is not something that every Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist in DC or any other state of our nation is cut out for, and that is why it is a difficult field to succeed in. In my advanced beauty training courses, bridal beauty and Same Sex Weddings is something we go into depth in, so if you think you are interested in going into this field read more about my advanced training classes here.



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