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One Final View, from the spectators’ perspective.


One final view!

It does not matter if you are a Hair Stylist or Makeup Artist, this technique will apply to all stylists and artists working in the beauty industry. Great technique for Runway Shows, Photo Shots, Special events and Galas.

There is nothing better than standing about 7 to 10 feet away from your work and taking a look at it from every angle not only straight on. This will ensure your work will look great to everyone and from every angle.

Take this time for one very important final view and assessment. Analyze your work’s balance, harmony, dimension and over all your creative energy . This will help you see things from a different perspective, from the spectators’ perspective not from the hair stylist’s or makeup artist’s perspective.

This will give you an opportunity to really asses and appreciate your hairstylist and/or makeup artist work, deliver some final touches,  and improve the very final results.

Many hair stylists and makeup artists fail to do this, and it shows on the results of their work, giving a chance to say to themselves,

“OMG! I never noticed that!”, “If I only…”, “Well… next time”.


Audrey Bethards