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Is this a Mason Pearson Twin?

mason pearson vs beautique

Anyone who is a hair fanatic knows that the “Ferrari” of hairbrushes is the much desirable BN1 Popular by Mason Pearson, right?

Sadly, most of us also know that this coveted ‘diva hair brush’ comes with a high price tag of $205.00 at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.


Personally, I have owned a “Mason Pearson” brush since I can remember. I got my first “Mason Brush” about 16 years ago and lost it in an airplane. My second brush, which I use almost every day, has been with me for about 11 years and counting! Still looks wonderful and I use it almost every day.












Mason Pearson alike

Recently, I bumped into a very similar hairbrush under the name of Beautique’ at our very own Sally’s Beauty Supply. Of course, it was not a “Mason Pearson”, though I could have sworn it was the same brush, under a different brand name and a much different price tag. Bough it, bought it home and after doing a close comparison between the two, this is what I found:










Mason Pearson vs Beautique


Both brushes have almost the same size, shape, proportions, and color palette.

They weigh almost the same, and have very similar type of bristles. For all these reasons the “feel” on your hand it’s very similar.










Mason Pearson vs beautique


The “Beautique” brush bristles and rubber cushion are a little stiffer, not as soft and flexible as on the “Mason Pearson.”

On the “Beautique” brush there is no drainage escape orifice, contrary to the BN1. This lack of drainage could result in humidity buildup within the brush upon cleaning, creating the risk of bacteria buildup inside it.

The “Beautique” brush does not come with the rectangular cleaning brush that accompanies the “Mason Pearson”.

Finally, the big difference is in the cost, with the “Beautique” brush featuring a smashing price tag of $9.99 USD!



Mason Pearson vs beautique


Needless to say, I love my “Mason Pearson” but, the “Beautique” brush could be a wonderful “second option” as long as we keep close attention with the bacteria buildup and this (if any) it’s handled properly. And of course… If you have a tougher scalp!

Now we just need to see if this our “second option” it will last 11+ years grooming our beautiful manes and looking as great as my Diva “Mason Pearson” hair brush still does!

Mason Pearson alikes

Oops… I almost forgot!

Don’t forget the little ‘Mini-Me’ Pearson available at Sephora. Yes, once again, it is not a Mason Pearson but it is cute!


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