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Is it time for a “Hair Detox”?


Many women would leave makeup applications and skin care out of their daily routine, but could never pass up a good quality hair product.

With an annual worldwide hair care sales of 54 billion dollars and 7 billion in the US alone, it’s a fact!

And the reasons are many, our hair is dry or oily, damaged and dull, lifeless and heavy so we keep on buying and buying all types of hair products without achieving our much desired results.



Our hair works like a ‘sponge’ and good products are unable to penetrate into the hair shaft due to built-up residues from previous used products. Believe it or not, regular shampoos are not formulated to strip hair of this gunky buildup residues. In fact, most regular shampoos will try to deliver more product into the hair!



We would need to have a fresh start.

We would need to strip, clean and detox our hair from all of these built-up residues.
Yes, it is time for a “Hair Detox”!


L'anza Clarifying Shampoo


My Professional “Audrey’s advice”

There are many cleansing/stripping shampoos that will do the trick.

But there is a Non-Drying Deep Cleanser Clarifying Hair Shampoo which I really, really love!

It is called “L’anza KB2 Daily Clarifying Shampoo”.

It is powerful but yet delicate with your hair, leaving it perfectly clean and free of product build-up. Used properly, it will do miracles to oily hair and wonders to dull, lifeless and heavy hair, allowing it to breathe and fully absorb much needed nurturing hair products.


“Do you color?”

If you color your hair you would need to use this Clarifying Shampoo before you color.



The proper use of this shampoo may lead to love your hair more than usual.