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Grand Opening!


“Welcome to our Grand Opening”

So finally we are here and this would be my very first blog post of many to come.
After so much research, work and headache the day to reveal my new website is here and I can not believe it is actually finish!
About 15 years ago I built and designed my first hair stylist and makeup artist website. Back in 1998 it was an accomplishment and back then, it was a “state of the art” in design and efficiency. But over the past few years my site needed not only a “Face Lift”, but a “Tummy Tuck”, “Liposuction” and a very serious “Chemical Peel”! Technologically speaking, I needed a more powerful platform, faster server and a total redesign. Basically, I needed an entire new website.
So I put all my hair brushes and makeup stuff on the side, worked hard on this website jumped on the HTML and CSS files and here it is.

I can not believe I have finally finished it and to only think that I made it myself!
Welcome to the “Grand Opening” of my new !

I hope you enjoy it,

Audrey Bethards