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Erilisa Moore

Erilisa Moore

Erilisa Moore

• About the artist 

Hair Stylist – Makeup Artist. Eril was born and raised in Baltimore, MD and also attended school in Baltimore as well. She currently resides with her family in the Baltimore County area. She is a devoted soon to be wife and a loving mother of one child and a fur baby. She started her career in Cosmetology and continued on in Corporate America for many years while maintaining both careers and parenting. While “behind the desk” one day she decided that “behind the chair” is where she needed and wanted to be, so she made a change.


• First encounter with beauty
Eril has been in the beauty industry for about 17 years. Her gift was founded during her start in the cosmetology program at Carver Vocational-Technical High School in Baltimore, MD and that is where she began her hair journey. Most recently in 2014, she decided to further pursue her aspirations in the beauty industry by attending the Paul Mitchell The School in Jessup, MD. She felt that the re-education was essential in beginning a success. She has been taught all variations of color, cutting and hair maintenance, skin care and makeup. She specializes in caring for the hair from within the hair shaft and she also educated her clients so they will also maintain an at home hair and skin care regimen.


• What and who do you admire the most and why

I really admire anyone who has the drive, confidence and determination to make a difference in themselves while helping others around them in the world. I believe in “Giving Back” to those who may not be as fortunate, for whatever that underling reason may be.


• What inspire you

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”. Pablo Picasso.
And this is what Eril does. She has been a devoted member of the beauty industry for many years and to see all the lives and confidence levels that she has helped change only continues to motivate her to give more of her craft. Her greatest qualification is her love and passion for the industry. She has gained a great knowledge of color theory, chemistry and geometry and loves to share this knowledge with other people; Clients and future professionals.


• Philosophy on beauty, 

Beauty shines from within. She believes that you should have that interior elegance which will exude through any and everything you do. Eril feels her job as an artist is to compliment what is already there, Debonair and elegance equals beauty.


• Best beauty advice, 

Eril’s beauty advice would include listening to your artist. She feels that is her goal as a Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist to create balance, a balance between creativity and one’s own natural beauty. Style is who you are and knowing what you want to say. The style you choose is your expression of the most radiant you.