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Doris Elias


Doris Elias

• About the artist 

Makeup Artist – Hair stylist’s Assistant. Doris was born in Ohio and now resides in Maryland. Her passion for makeup began in the 80’s when she was a teenage model for a neighborhood boutique. Encouraged to pursue it only as a hobby by her family, she pursued a career in the health sciences which eventually lead to her working at a clinic in Southern, CA that often served members in the entertainment community. Living and working in a “Plastic Surgery Mecca” provided many opportunities to learn about skincare and the latest anti-aging treatments yet, her passion did not explode until she began to study folkloric and performing classic Egyptian Belly Dance in the early and mid- 2000’s . The bright colors of the costumes and the exotic eye makeup had her hooked. Eventually, she knew something was “up” when other dancers started asking her to do their makeup and for advice. She pursued her passion fervently and began formal study in 2014. She is now a freelance makeup artist for special events and hopes to expand commercially in the future.


• First encounter with beauty

Coming from a family of blue collar and domestic workers meant always seeing her family in either a uniform or apron before going to work. Celebrations were especially festive because that is when she would see her mother take out her small bowl of cosmetics and transform from maid into a beautiful siren. Curious about her father, she would peak through the bathroom door and watch him groom his goat tee and then slick his hair down with black pomade to make every fluffy strand on his head become a beautiful defined curl. The preparations seemed to bring a peacefulness and almost therapeutic ambiance over the household that she tries to emulate with her clients.


• What and who do you admire the most and why

I admire people who have overcome mental, social, and physical adversities to accomplish their dreams. It helps me to remember that I have no excuse.


• What inspire you

I am inspired by nature and by art. I relate that to my clients by focusing on helping them be and look like their best selves.


• Philosophy on beauty, 

There is nothing anyone can do to make you feel beautiful, until you love yourself and believe that you are. . .


• Best beauty advice, 

A skin good care routine is just as important as a red lip and a little black dress.