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Cherry Blossoms inspired Wedding Makeup

Spring Wedding

I am so excited for the beginning of spring! One of my favorite parts about spring is all the cherry blossom themed weddings, and I’m so lucky that I get to do the Cherry Blossom themed hair and makeup for weddings in D.C.!!!
To get the best looks for your cherry blossom makeup, especially if you are a bride, I recommend consulting with yours truly. But if for any reason this is not an option, here are some tips and inspirations for a perfect cherry blossom bride look. These tips also work if you are just a guest at the cherry blossom wedding too! Check out the following hair and makeup tips to create the perfect cherry blossom look for weddings or any other springtime occasion.


Cherry Blossom WeddingHair Tip #1, Use the Cherry Blossoms


Cherry blossoms are only around for a short time, so we should take advantage of their presence in every aspect of the wedding- including your hair. Cherry blossom embellishments add a delicate touch of beauty to any bridal hair style. If you are worried about cherry blossoms wilting or a petal falling off during the ceremony, you could always get fake cherry blossoms to decorate your hair. Michael’s Crafts Stores have some amazing realistic stuff! I personally think there is nothing like the real thing though!




Floral Bridal Hair

Hair Tip #2, Go Care Free


It is the beginning of spring! There is so much to celebrate! Leave formal hairdos for more serious events. A spring wedding hair style should reflect the celebration of the day. Avoid hair styles that are too complicated, lifeless or stiff, because it will sharply contrast with the delicate nature of cherry blossoms.





Bridal Hair

Hair Tip #3, Get a little bit on the prairie with it


 There is nothing wrong with going for a more rural chic look for your bridal hair. I’m not talking about pig tails or anything silly like that. Just hair that is carefree and simple in style.

This shows off the natural beauty of your hair, and it helps you fit into the natural beauty of the cherry blossoms.







Bridal  Cherry Blossom MakeupMakeup Tip #1, Go Natural with Your Foundation


To match the natural beauty of the cherry blossom make sure to choose a foundation that does not add too much bronze, orange or any of that fake tan business. Create a base for your skin that is the soft in hue or even better yet, white porcelain. Only a tiny bit of shimmer should be used! Don’t overdo it, we are doing a delicate cherry blossom theme, NOT Vegas!









Pink Bridal MakeupMakeup Tip #2, Use the Hues of the Cherry Blossom and Branches for a Diverse Color Palette


The soft pinks, deep and light browns, purples and white of the cherry blossoms tree should be utilized in your wedding makeup palette. Pick out cool, soft tones for the eye shadow, lipstick and blush that enhance your features, but that also blends with the lovely colors of the cherry blossom trees. Try to blend in with the cherry blossoms rather than trying to fight against them!



Cherry Blossoms WeddingMakeup Tip #3, Avoid Too Much Makeup


The theme of cherry blossoms is by definition ‘natural’. You don’t want any looks that may look too artificial. Remember that any beauty routine, even a bridal one, enhances YOU. We are not trying to create a different version of you with a pound of makeup, but enhance the YOU that everyone is coming to your wedding to celebrate!





Remember the best look for any bride is a beautiful, smiling and happy one. The beauty of spring can give us some beautiful inspiration to theme our weddings. And with the amazingly beautiful influence of our Cherry Blossoms here in DC, we could just transform any wedding into a total magical event! What a gift to be alive and getting married under the Cherry Blossoms Tree!

What a strange thing! To be alive beneath cherry blossoms.  – Kobayashi Issa (Japanese Poet).


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