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Beauty Hair and Makeup Trend Shows at Nordstrom’s in DC, MD, VA Area

Nordstrom Beauty Trend Shows

Hello everyone,

I have been busily preparing for the spring 2014 Fashion Beauty Trend Shows at Nordstrom in the DC, MD and VA areas! I’m really excited to work with models to showcase the latest beauty trends for women in my area who love fashion and beauty as much as I do! Shows like this are one of the many reasons that I love being a part of the fashion beauty industry!

If you love fashion, hair and makeup, these shows are a wonderful chance to attend a fashion show in your local area. And yes! They do take part nationwide.  So grab your girlfriends, sisters, daughters or whoever you know who loves fashion and beauty as much as you do to come see the Beauty Trend shows at a Nordstrom’s near you! As a bonus, these shows are a wonderful excuse to come shop- not that you needed one!


Beauty hair trends 2014.At the Nordstrom Beauty Trend shows, I’m personally working to showcase the latest fashion trends in hair and makeup. Working with twelve different models, twelve different cosmetic lines including Chanel, MAC, Trisha McEvoy, Nars, Bobbi Brown and Yves Saint Lauren will showcase their different cosmetics makeup trends. It is fun work with all these different cosmetics lines! It also gives me a chance to review all the latest products, so I can choose which products I like best to use on my clients. I like using only the best products on my clients, so events like this keep the quality of my beauty tool kit up-to-date.

Events like gives me the ability to showcase the latest fashion trends of the season. Being a hair and makeup artists is not just about applying makeup and styling hair, but one must also keep up with the latest fashions. For this particular fashion show, I looked for inspiration from one of the biggest trend setting events in the world- the Oscars!


Faux HawkWe all love watching the glamorous and elegant celebrities walk the red carpets. To me the beauty and fashion of the celebrities is the most interesting part of the show where I do invaluable research for my profession. This year the hairstyles of the celebrities especially inspired me; the hairstyles included waves, side-swept hair, soft curls and informal, girly styles that I just absolutely love. After watching the Oscars I decided I wanted to adapt this style to make it my own to showcase on models at the Fashion Beauty Trend Shows at Nordstrom’s!


Wavy Pony TailOf course, being a creative artist, not a copy-cat, I wanted to add my own twist to the girlie and curly style trends of spring 2014. To make the hairstyle more dramatic and fun, I decided to feature some Wild Faux Hawks and wavy tailored pony tails on some of my models. The Faux Hawk adds a dramatic contrast to the wavy, side-swept style!


I just love spring, so these wonderful hair styles would be a wonderful way to celebrate this beautiful spring weather we are finally having in the Washington D.C. area. What is even more important to me though is that I thought it was a style you, the audience at Nordstrom’s, could adapt to your own everyday style!


For some of you, this may be more than you ever needed to know about my preparations for a beauty show, but for others out there I know you may secretly be reading this wishing to expand or start your career as a hair stylist and/or makeup artist.


Just as a friendly reminder, I do offer continuing education that can help beauty and makeup artist start and expand their careers, so that you could get a chance to do an event like this one. If working with models and the latest fashion trends sounds like something you’d love to do, make sure to check out my Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists Training in Washington, DC. I can help you make your dreams come true to expand your career as long as you are willing to put in the effort!

Faux Hawk Hair at Nordstrom

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