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Oresh Ghousi


Oresh Ghousi

• About the artist

Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist. Oresh Ghousi was born and raised in northern Virginia. Starting from a very young age she has worked backstage at fashion shows, photo shoots, & miss world pageants. Oresh has a passion for fashion and anything that has to do with it! She recently graduated from Paul Mitchell the School in Tyson’s Corner. She looks at everyday as an opportunity to learn more & perfect her craft!


• First encounter with beauty

Oresh grew up in a household with her Father, Mother, and two brothers. Her mother was always working during the day, so she was surrounded by men all day long. Naturally she became a tomboy, but always knew she had a passion for fashion. Her grandfather was a famous painter in Afghanistan, who passed down his talent to her father and older brother. Oresh LOVED art but felt she wasn’t as good as her father and brother, until age 16 when she first experimented with makeup. Her aunt asked her to do her makeup for fun, and that’s when she realized, that’s where her art was. Ever since then Oresh became a self-taught makeup artist, and later on decided to attend Paul Mitchell the school. The love for hair came from her mother, who works at a salon. Her life now revolves around hair and makeup!


• What and who do you admire the most and why

She admires her mother for how far she has gone to give her family the life they deserve. And Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie for their fashion & beauty sense.


• What inspire you

“Inspiration comes from everywhere for me… It could be magazines, movies, something someone said or did, or even something that happens to me. My inspiration is life itself”.


• Philosophy on beauty,

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.


• Best beauty advice,

A little lipstick never hurt 🙂