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Ebony McGee


Ebony McGee

• About the artist 

Hair Stylist – Makeup Artist. Born in Washington, DC, raised in Prince George’s County Maryland, being a servant to people has always been my passion. It’s so amazing to look back at the many things I’ve done, studying Mass Communication Television and radio, working with CBS RADIO, PBS, Carlyn Davis Casting, just to name a few, before finally realizing that it was all leading up to me being a beauty artist.


• First encounter with beauty

Every since I was a little girl, beauty was a unknowingly gift of mine. Being as though my mom was a beautician, my dad was a master barber, and both of my great grandmothers were beauticians. I still have that ancient cosmetology book my grandma studied from in the 50’s, the beauty industry was destined to be apart of me inside and out.

Most importantly growing up and struggling to stay focused because everything in the world was so boring to me, that “in school suspension” was like my permanent classroom in school. But I believe that my drive, my desire, my hunger, my will to be successful got lighted up when a teacher of mine told me “Because your inabilities to focus in school you will be nothing when you grow up”. To this day that stuck with me, and I made a vow to myself that whenever God showed me where my purpose in life truly lies, I would prevail like never before.

Upon attending Paul Mitchell The School at Tysons Corner, I was introduced to an array of opportunities which included being apart of the Design team, working with world renounced editorial hair designer Vivienne MacKinder and being selected as an artist on her Mentorship Program. But it was not until, two months prior to my graduation date at Paul Mitchell The School, I was online in the early hours of the morning, searching for some sort of contact for the Grammy’s Artists, to in some sort, participate, when I stumbled upon a name that popped up, someone by the name of Audrey Bethards. I clicked on her website link, and I remember breathing fast and seeing this as my opportunity to fulfill my dreams. I sent Ms. Audrey a message, the body of my email was humbly and respectively hoping for the opportunity to learn and grow as an artist shadowing her. She emailed me back, and the rest is continual history in the making!


• What and who do you admire the most and why

I am so humbled and honored to have met, be coached by, and mentored by the best, most passionate woman in the beauty world- Audrey Bethards. Audrey Bethards has provided me with so many opportunities in this industry, from Nordstrom Runway to Louis Vuitton Runway, from “The Celebration of Science” to the White House Correspondent Dinner events, just to name a small few. Not only has this amazing woman helped build and believe in me as an artist, she has been a mentor to me as a woman, helping guide me with her life experiences professionally and personally. My world has forever been changed since being mentored by Audrey Bethards…I could not thank her enough!


• What inspire you

The thing that inspires me most about this industry is the feeling when people can trust me to make them feel like priceless. The smile on their faces, and the rise in their confidence fulfilled me inside so deeply within that words can’t even explain. Being a servant to the people…that’s the beauty of this industry.


• Philosophy on beauty, 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as long as beauty is enhanced and can reach the audience with feeling, genuiness, and pierce the heart, mind and soul of people…then…It’s BEAUTIFUL!


• Best beauty advice, 

When the heart is connected with the mind and the mind is connected to the eyes and the eyes are connected to the hands…create your beauty!