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Andrea Wilkins


Andrea Wilkins

• About the artist 

Makeup Artist – Hair Stylist. I am a beauty professional from Upper Marlboro, Maryland with a professional background in fashion merchandising. With nearly ten years of experience as makeup artist and three years as hair stylist. I started doing makeup to make other women feel beautiful, just as it did for me. And I am very happy to be a pat of Audrey Bethards’ Artists Team.


• First encounter with beauty

When I was a child. Watching my mother every morning doing her makeup before going to work. I found so much fascination in her routine and technique.


• What and who do you admire the most and why

The ability to work with beauty and make something beautiful out of pure inspiration.


• What inspire you

I always take as a point of inspiration, my clients. I need to hear what thy like and dislike. And have some sense of their personality. This really give me the inspiration I need to perform my best!


• Philosophy on beauty,

Beauty is somehow subjective.

What one might not identify with, another might see as beautiful. Beauty is in fact, on the eye of the beholder.


• Best beauty advice, 

I love skin to look like skin. My best advice is to never overuse cosmetics, respect beauty for what it is.