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5 Easy Steps and Tips to Create The Perfect Daytime Smoky Eye Look


Yes we love makeup, and there are always different makeup trends to follow but who doesn’t love a pair of beautiful smoky eyes?

We love having them with metallic hues and sometimes we love to experiment different makeup tricks and colors for our smoky eyes. But having smoky eyes for daytime makeup and wear can be tricky unless done the right way. While it is often tempting to reach out for the black eyeliner and silver eye shadow, there are always better and highly recommended eye makeup options.




Here’s an easy approach to get that daytime appropriate sultry smoky eye makeup.

Daytime-Smokey-Makeup-Eye 1. Groom your brows to frame your face before applying eye makeup. This is important to make your eyes standout and your eye makeup looks beautifully finished.

2. With makeup, always start with light tone eye shadows, continue with medium and leave darker shades at the end.

3. Apply a slightly velvety texture eye shadow, light taupe color using a large brush into the center of the lid. Soften the shadow at the crease by flipping the brush. Press the color into the lower lash line.





My-Day-Brunette-5 4. Apply a darker brown shadow using a blending brush in small circular motions into the outer corner. Blend it up into the crease to create an illusion of depth. Always follow your natural eye shape. Tip: Begin with less eye shadow and build up as necessary.

Some of my favorite eye shadows are from NARS, I highly recommend them.











My-Day-Blond-2 5.  For smoky eyes, one thing to remember is that the liner is meant to define the eyes but is not meant to be seen. Apply the liner starting at the outer corner using short strokes at the base of the lash line. Using a flat brush to smudge the liner in. You have the option to define both lash lines or just choose to define the upper or lower lash lines. Tip: Skip the waterline to make it appropriate for day wear.











Extra tip: If you feel it’s too dark or too much eye makeup, the solution is to blend or use medium eye shadow tones instead of dark. Doing so will create a soft and hazy finish which is perfect for daytime smoky eye look. That is exactly why we call it “Smokey”, because it is not defined nor with sharp definitions.

Do not ever forget!!!

If you don’t want to look like a “Panda Bear” or the tragic “Raccoon Eye” look, never use black and white eye shadows by itself. You will always need to use a hint or accent color.

Follow these steps and tips to get that smoky eye look with just the right amount of sexiness for daytime makeup wear. This beautiful eye makeup look is perfect for all four seasons.

Have fun and practice!


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