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12 Questions to Ask Your Bridal Hair and Makeup Team Before Your Wedding Day

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Weddings are definitely not all just glitz and glamour. Behind every gorgeous wedding hair and every flawlessly executed bridal makeup, with every beautiful bride is a great deal of preparation. From the bride herself to her wedding hair stylist and her bridal makeup artists’ team. It requires thorough and careful planning.

If you are a bride-to-be, you are going to need all the help you can get from your bridal hair stylist and your wedding makeup artist to achieve the bridal look you’ve always dreamed of. Make sure you are well-informed not just on the beauty side of it but, in every aspect of your wedding day. To avoid any type of headache on your wedding day make sure all the financial, scheduling and advance organization are clear and in place.

Here are twelve questions that you should ask your bridal hair and makeup team before your wedding day.
Take this advice from an expert!

Best-Hair-and-makeup-for-weddings-in-DC-Baltimore1. Will you provide the hair and/or makeup schedule for my wedding day?
It is definitely a must for you to know the availability and schedule of your hair and makeup team on the day of your wedding. A well-elaborated hair and makeup schedule will give you the peace of mind that everyone will be ready on time. Avoid the stress and make sure everything is right on schedule.





Makeup-artist-for-weddings-in-Baltimore2. I do have allergies to some cosmetics, how are you going to work with that?
This is one of the reasons why having a bridal hair and makeup trial is a must. Your hair and makeup artist must do allergy tests during your hair and makeup trial. Such tests must be done before any complete makeup application to avoid any catastrophic consequences on your wedding day.





Best-Makeup-artists-for-weddings-in-DC3. Can you provide service to my getting ready-location?
It is important for you to ask this question since some hair stylists who work in hair salons may not be able to their working place especially in weekends when they are busier with more clients.

4. Would you charge extra for driving to location?
Some locations could be far away from your stylist. An extra fee may be charged due to long driving distance and more time spent for time. Be sure to ask this so you can manage your finances or budget better.




Best-Hair-And-Makeup-for-weddings-in-DC5. If I want to shorten the “getting ready time”, could you bring extra stylists/artists? Is there going to be an extra charge? How much would that be?
One makeup artist/hair stylist no matter how good he or she is cannot handle a big number of parties. You don’t want people to feel uncomfortable and inconvenient for having to wait long for hair and makeup getting ready sessions. Ask for a specific price and try to check for packages so you can save some money. The usual getting ready time would be 2.5 to 5 hours, with anything longer than that you should consider asking your stylist to bring extra help.



Makeup-for-weddings-in-DC-MD6. Do you offer written contracts?
Why should you ask for a written contract? It is extremely important to do so since written agreements of charges and services that will be provided will make sure you won’t get last minute surprises. It well set things clear in writing and will guarantee expectations will be met.






Best-Hair-Stylist-and-Makeup-for-Weddings-Artist-in-DC7. Do you have bridal work portfolio?
It is important to ask for the makeup artist/stylist portfolio for you to see samples of their work. This will also give you an idea of their style and quality of work.

8. Would you provide touch up kit on my wedding day?
You will definitely need to have some touch ups before and after pictures during the ceremony and up to the reception. This will make sure you still look fresh and shine free all throughout the event. Touch ups also make your hair and makeup stay longer. Better be sure to ask your bridal hair and makeup artist if this will be provided.



Wedding-Hair-And-Makeup-in-Baltimore9. I will need you to stay longer for hair and makeup changes and touch ups, would there be an extra charge?
You may want the artist to stay for hair and makeup retouches or make changes for photos, ceremony and reception. Make sure to know how much it will cost for these extra services.

10. Do you have cancellation fees?
If for any undesirable reason you need to cancel, you will want to know in advance the financial cost this may represent.




Bridal-hair-stylis-for-weddings-in-DC11. I have very specific likes and dislikes, how can we make sure I’m happy with the end results?
It is important for you to have confidence right from the beginning that you will have the look you always dreamed of on the most important day of your life – your wedding day. Your makeup artist must be able to communicate to you how s/he can make that happen.

12. Are there going to be any extra charges that I should know about?
Make sure to know what other extra charges are there for there can be many such as driving to location, vehicle parking, assistants, air-brush makeup, false lashes, hair extensions, tattoo coverings and hourly rate for waiting time.










Being well-informed is an advantage!

Aside from saving you from any unnecessary stress and unexpected surprises and charges, it also guarantees getting the perfect bridal hair and wedding makeup look on your big and beautiful day. So feel free to ask your preferred expert/artist/stylist on wedding hair and makeup in Washington, DC. Baltimore, MD and Northern Virginia area.

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