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Shaundel Berwick

Shaundel Berwick

• About the artist 

Makeup Artist. Shaundel was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She has been blessed to have had the opportunity to train with Audrey Bethards, work with Smashbox Cosmetics, and Charlotte Tilbury makeup. Doing makeup on her own over the years along with those experiences is what has helped mold her into the artist that she is today. Shaundel is excited to continue to grow as an artist, learn new makeup techniques, and continue to learn about the beauty industry as a whole.

Her passions and goals are making everyone that she works with look and feel their best, enhance their natural God given beauty, make sure that they are the best versions of themselves, and contribute to some of life’s most important moments in their lives whether it be their wedding day, engagement photo shoot or another special moment. This is just the beginning and she is looking forward to growing as a professional makeup artist everyday.


• First encounter with beauty

Her first encounter with beauty was as a little girl, watching her mother get ready for church or for an anniversary date night with her father. From her hair, to her dress, and the smell of her fragrance her mother always looked absolutely beautiful.

What always stood out to Shaundel the most was how her mother applied her makeup to complete the look. She would stand in front of the mirror and apply it so softly and just enough to light up the room and make her features stand out even more than they already did. The one thing that always stuck with Shaundel through the years is when her mother told her that “You don’t need to wear a lot of makeup. Makeup just enhances your natural beauty.” That has stuck with Shaundel throughout her entire life and is what has contributed to her success and growth as an artist.


• What and who do you admire the most and why

Her mother & sisters are the most beautiful women that she knows and they were her first models for her explore her passion for makeup. She also is inspired by Charlotte Tilbury as an artist and a confident woman. She has taken the makeup industry by storm. Last but certainly not least she admires and respects all of the makeup artists that she has had the opportunity to learn from along her journey as an artist.


• What inspire you

Watching and learning from other makeup artists. She has learned that the sky is the limit and the beauty industry is amazing and makeup and beauty starts from the inside out. She is inspired daily by the artists around her.


• Philosophy on beauty,


• Best beauty advice, 

Be yourself, feel confident, and own every room that you walk in. Beauty starts on the inside and makeup is a reflection of just that, your inner beauty.

As Charlotte Tilbury says “Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world!