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Great Halloween Makeup Ideas From Makeup Artist in DC

Green Witch - Makeup Artist in DC

Great and Artistic Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner!

Needless to say, with a little imagination and some creative hair and makeup ideas this could be the perfect time to unveil your darker, funky or supernatural side.

Still undecided would you like to be on Halloween? It’s not the time to play safe when it comes to character makeup. It’s time to get creative and totally become someone or something else. It isn’t everyday you can completely transform into a different creature, right?

You don’t need to spend lots of money, just invest some time and creativity on creating this fun and amazing Halloween Makeup Looks! Take a look at these cool character makeup ideas, I’m sure we could make it fun! Believe it or not, this Evil Green Witch is me with a makeup transformation I created my self.

Mexican Catrina Beauty Makeup. Halloween Catrina Makeup.

“Mexican Catrina” Beauty Makeup. Halloween “La Catrina” Makeup- Images from


Mexican Catrina Beauty Makeup Look

In Mexico and other countries, Halloween is better well known as “The Day of The Dead”. This is a very important day of the year when Mexican people celebrate the life and legacy of the beloved people that have passed to better life. For Mexicans, “La Catrina” has become a symbol of our pride and culture.


Mexican Catrina Makeup

Halloween Look, Mexican Catrina Beauty Makeup – Images from:


Here are some beautiful makeup looks and ideas for you to get inspire with this beautiful character makeup. Do ot forget the flowers, scrolls and vivid colors of this fantastic and beautiful “Girly Look”!


Sugar Scull Makeup

Beauty Halloween Makeup, Sugar Scull – “Mexican Catrina”. – Images from:


Creepy, Sexy Vampire Makeup Look

Halloween is the time you have a very good reason to play the part of your favorite character in your vampire flick or novel. There is just something about vampires that they look so dead and scary yet very seductive and attractive. It’s time to get that sultry, scary, smoky eyes and get that fake blood going on. You may also want to wear contact lenses particularly red ones or cat eye look to complete the seductive vampire makeup look.


Vampire Makeup

Vampire Beauty Makeup. – Images from:


Vampire Eye Makeup. - Images form:

Vampire Eye Makeup. – Images form:


Halloween Womens Makeup

Halloween Womens Makeup


Halloween Zombie Makeup

Get into the trend by being a zombie on Halloween. This look can be complicated and takes great makeup skills to look convincing but it is definitely a cool and spooky look. It’s worth investing on. One excellent tip is to make sure you look like there is no blood flowing in your vein. You should look like a corpse. Having a makeup artist create this look will definitely help to make sure it looks like real Hollywood. Getting this look is also an advantage because there is no need to fix it up so much since zombies look messy.


Zombie Makeup

Scary Halloween Zombie makeup – Images from:


Zombie Halloween Makeup

Image from:


Creepy Doll Makeup Look

Want to look cute and pretty at the same time? A sewn mouth and stitches are signatures for this look. Also, don’t forget to achieve that doe eyes look for that adorable yet creepy doll look.


Halloween Doll

Character Halloween Makeup Doll – Images from:


Halloween Doll Makeup

Halloween Makeup Doll – Image From:


Maleficent Makeup

Hated and loved Disney character, Maleficent, is a good choice, too. She got those extremely chiseled cheekbones and red lips. For the eyes, go for a smokey makeup to achieve that intense and sultry eyes Maleficent have. For the cheekbones, extreme contouring is key. If you are good in makeup, in contouring and in creating smoky eyes, then you will do just fine. There is no need for prosthetic makeup like Angelina Jolie had in the movie. A pair of killer color contact lenses will definitely complete the look in a stunning way.


Maleficent Makeup Look for Halloween

Maleficent – Image From:


Unlike other styles of makeup, Halloween makeup can be tricky, to get that real scary look, let a professional makeup artist do the job. Besides, Halloween only happens once a year. It’s worth the scare.

Have fun with amazing character Halloween makeup and great hair ideas, Halloween is the perfect time to get super creative!


Halloween Women Makeup

Halloween Women Makeup


Evil Green Witch Character Makeup

And finally…
What is Halloween without witches? Make sure you go all the way with this wonderful Halloween makeup Get this complete transformation look. Paint your face and skin green and get the right prosthetics with that signature large, pointed, crooked nose and chin. This Halloween Makeup Look is a favorite. Your family and friends won’t surely recognize you. It’s pretty sinister-looking too. It’s the witch in your nightmares.

With Baby Powder on the hair I achieve the ugly ratted gray hair. Don’t forget the long nails, the right witch outfit and of course the Shinny Red Apples!

Green Witch - Makeup Artist in DC

Audrey Bethards as The Evil Green Witch. Halloween Character Makeup Transformation.


Have a fun, safe and happy Halloween!

Or like we say in my country of origin, que tengas un muy “Feliz Dia de Todos Los Muertos”!

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