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Hair Stylist Training

Hair Styling Training


Mastering and perfecting your art skills are an essential requirement for any aspiring artist, no matter the medium, or what type of industry you choose to develop in.

My training sessions are designed and targeted to develop your attention to detail in the approach to beauty.  I will help polish your skills, professionalism, and create the right foundation and guide you to the right path in your career of beauty.

In my hair styling training sessions there will be no chemical processing and/or permanent alteration of natural hair structure of any type. My training is excusably for hair styling techniques as an art form.

My hair stylist training and expertise will help you learn not only the art of hair styling, but how to develop a firm and solid career in the many different fields and industries:

  • Fashion

  • Beauty

  • Bridal

  • Entertainment

  • Print Photography

  • Corporate and Commercial Work

  • “HDTV” High-Definition Television, Video and Film

Hair Stylist Services

As part of these different hair stylist training sessions, the aspiring artist will learn:

  • What is hair and getting to know it

  • “Visage”, deep study of the facial features

  • Sanitation, keep it clean, keep it safe!

  • How to put together a successful artist’s kit.

  • Perfect blow drying

  • Thermal styling

  • Different techniques and doe’s and don’ts of flattening, waving, crimping and curling irons

  • Getting to know different hair products

  • How to achieve it!

  • 5 minutes Up due

  • Attention to detail

  • Make it last, make it stay and totally change it!

  • Dimension, balance, harmony and detail

  • The “PI” perfect imperfection

  • Evening hair

  • Ok, got the job! And now what do I do…?

  • How to get inspired and how to offer a different options

Hair and Makeup Artist

I will also guide you on:

  • Developing a professional work portfolio

  • Building client lists

  • Developing a professional reputation

  • How to break into these different and fascinating industries

  • How to approach different career industries

  • Billing-invoicing

  • How to get signed with agencies of representation

  • Building an efficient artist stylist kit

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I will reply to you with more detailed hair stylist training information.



Be advised that these training sessions are not accredited by ACCSC or the Maryland DLLR’s Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. For this reason the hours put on these classes will NOT give you credit toward obtaining Cosmetology or Barbers Licensing on any state.
In addition, students taking stand-alone courses are not eligible for the Federal Financial Aid and some other services that are offered to students and graduates of larger programs and institutions.


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