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Tymia Yvette Williams

Tymia Yvette Williams

Tymia Yvette Williams

• About the artist 

Makeup Artist. Tymia Yvette was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland. From Award shows to fashion weeks to photo shoots and weddings, she has gained 12 years of skillful experience. Even with years of experience, she still continues to grow as an artist and is STILL very passionate and excited about her craft; always looking to absorb knowledge and techniques to hone her skills.
Tymia Yvette’s goal: continue to make people look and more importantly, feel great about themselves.


• First encounter with beauty

As a kid, she used to always watch her parents get dressed. While her mother always looked astonishing, the lesson she taught her was a women’s look is never complete without a beautiful makeup.
Tymia may have been destined to do makeup. When she was 4 years of age, her parents were awoken in the middle of the night to the sounds of a home invasion. As her parents followed the light coming from the bathroom, they quickly swung the door open only to realize it was Tymia. They discovered her sitting on the bathroom counter completely covered in makeup. Fast forward to the age of 18, while studying art in college, she took a part time job as a makeup artist, just for the extra cash. It became her passion. She applied the teachings from the classroom to her new found artistic ability. This new knowledge allowed her to share and inspire other aspiring artists.


• What and who do you admire the most and why

As her list of her admirable artists (like Maya Feelon Asante, Charlotte Tilbury, Awol Erizku, Pat McGrath…) is too long to mention.


• What inspire you

Tymia says:
“My biggest inspiration is the up-coming/ aspiring artist. ‘I ALWAYS leave those artists learning something new and having a greater appreciation for my craft’”!


• Philosophy on beauty, 

It’s BEAUTY that captures your attention; personality which captures your HEART.


• Best beauty advice, 

1 cup of confidence + (&) 2 cups of smiles= (Equals) Endless Beauty!