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Francesca Galloway


Francesca Galloway

• About the artist 

Hair Stylist. I graduated in upstate NY and received my cosmetology license in 2006. I have recently been certified with John Paul Mitchell Systems. I have been certified in hair extensions and smoothing treatments for the last 7 years and also love cutting, coloring and styling. In the 8 years of perfecting my talent I have worked in Massachusetts, Maryland, and DC. I continue to expand my knowledge and inspiration through classes and fashion shows.


• First encounter with beauty

When I was a child I would cut and color my own hair, which didn’t always turn out the best. I would find pictures in magazines and try to copy makeup and hair styles, and my sisters and cousins would always let me practice with them. By the time I was in high school I was doing everyone’s hair and makeup for our proms. Soon after, I was finally receiving my license in cosmetology.


• What and who do you admire the most and why

I admire my family the most because with out them I wouldn’t be who I am today. I believe I inherited my loyalty and hard working skills from my grandfather and my mom. My mom always taught me to never give up on your dreams, if you want something you have to go get it even when you stumble along the way. I also admire my grandmother; she is one of the kindest, selfless, down to earth people I have ever known. I’m so grateful to have such a warm and loving Italian family that has made me who I am today.


• What inspire you

A couple people that have inspired me are salon owners and platform artists, Colin Corruso and Linda Yodice. The passion, creativity and talent they both share is beyond unbelievable. I look up to them because they are genuine and love to share their victories.


• Philosophy on beauty,

I have loved hair and makeup ever since I was a little girl. My favorite thing about hair is how it makes people feel. When my guest looks at themselves in the mirror and they feel so beautiful and so good about themselves, I feel so grateful that this is my life. I realized the reason I am a hairstylist is because being able to create a new style or adding makeup for a person can be life changing and it’s an honor for me to be able to create such an experience.


• Best beauty advice, 

“Hair and makeup is a form of expression, so why not express yourself!”