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5 Pro Tips for Prospective Beauty Professionals!

Audrey Bethards

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I made a Special Guest Artist’s appearance at the Paul Mitchell’s Academy in Tyson’s Corner, VA. To close this presentation, I preformed a Runway Mohawk hairstyle, but my favorite part was offering some professional advice to the students at the Paul Mitchell’s Academy.

It was so wonderful to share some of my knowledge with future hair stylist and makeup artists! Being in the beauty industry can be a challenge to newcomers, so I give them a brief story of how my career has developed. Personally I believe in ‘paying it forward’ and nothing makes me happier than extending a helping hand to someone in need. Talking to new students was a great chance to share my knowledge to the right people. Here are some of the points that I shared with the student at Paul Mitchell’s Academy.


Audrey Bethards at Paul Mitchell1. Always focus on Beauty


My cardinal rule is to always focus on beauty, and not in what is “ugly”. No exceptions! When we get caught up on focusing on trying to fix the negative, we often forget to emphasize what is beautiful. In other words always look towards building beauty up, not covering something up. When you do this you highlight the inner beauty of the person, and that is what being in the beauty industry is all about!







Audrey Bethards at Paul Mitchell2. Bring Good Energy


Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.” – Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.

At one time or another, we all experience good and bad energy, and quickly learn and value the difference.  Remember, “Energy never leaves its source”. Whether you are working for runway models or at a hair salon, “there is no space for negativity in what it’s meant to be a creative space”. If you are grumpy and negative, you are going to work against creative energy. Only when you are positive will you build happiness, creativity and beauty into your clients, your co-workers and your work.

By helping everyone around you feel better about themselves, your work will be more pleasurable. Make sure that before you go to work, you check any negativity at the door! Remember you aren’t just here to apply makeup and do hair; you are here to help clients build a positive attitude, you are here to build, to create and to share beauty. It turns out then when a client is happy, they are also happier about the results of your work! And your co-workers want to have you around due to your positive energy.



Audrey Bethards Class at Paul Mitchell3. Always Build on Your Beauty Education 


The more you know the more you grow in the beauty field. To keep up with the latest styles, trends and techniques it is imperative to continue your education. A beauty license is just that a license to work, but if you want to excel at what you do you will need to build and polish your craft. By the way, I offer private classes for Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Training in Washington, DC for those interested in entering the fashion, bridal or video-film fields or continuing their education!







Audrey Bethards Pesentation at Paul Mitchell4. Be Open to Working in Numerous Fields



Beauty doesn’t just stop and end at the beauty or hair salon. Dream big when it comes to pursuing your career in beauty, there are endless possibilities to extend your talent and creativity if you are willing to apply yourself. Look to work in television, video-film, photo-shoots, advertisements, weddings, fashion and entertainment. If you never look and work hard though, work will not just fall into your lap! If you do not know how to break into these industries, take a Hair Stylists Training and/or Makeup Artists Training with me. I could give you the help and training you will need to do just that, break into these difficult and much competitive industries.





Audrey Bethards Hair at Paul Mitchell5. Work as an Assistant


Working as an hair and/or makeup artist’s assistant unlocks years of experience to you, and sometimes you even get paid to be an assistant! View as working as an assistant not as a step down, but as an internship that will give you the knowledge and experience to help you create a solid professional foundation to perform better in your future career. Make sure that you keep your eyes open to always learn new things. Take notes and pay attention, so you can remember the experience you got from the unique opportunity to work as an assistant to a well experienced and reputable artists!









You’ll notice that there is a binding denominator in all 5 of these pro beauty tips, that is: “Positivity”!!! You’ll be surprised how far a little positivity, good energy and hard work can take you to achieving your dreams. We are so lucky to be in the beauty field, because we get the privilege of making others feel happier about themselves. In my opinion, that is definitely a gift worth giving!

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.” -Mahatma Gandhi.

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